Leave a lasting impression

If you do alot of networking, you’ll know that first impressions are vitally important to your business. You’ve done the hard part by meeting new people and telling them all about your business, so why spoil everything with a cheap run of the mill business card?

Alot of people scoff at the humble business card and detest spending money on something they are giving away, more often than not, most people will opt to use ready made designs available from online print providers.

Hundreds of people are doing this daily, so how is your business card going to stand out from the rest?


Be seen, be recognised and be remembered


Your business card speaks volumes about you and your company. It is the last impression you leave with someone after that important initial meeting.

A bespoke design doesn’t have to cost the earth and at Design For A Day I can offer you a double-sided business card design for just £45.00.