#lichfieldlocal Twitter Hour

Join in your local Twitter Hour and discover the benefits to your business.

As a local business owner you’ve probably already discovered the benefits of network meetings, but are you as aware of the benefits that come from taking part in a twitter hour?

Face to face networking is a big business in the UK. Meeting people every week or month, getting your 60 seconds to share your latest offers or give a brief overview of who you are, and discovering more about what your local area has to offer – networking has been proven to be a truly effective business tool and industry all of its own.

If you understand the value of networking, it’s definitely worth taking part in your local Twitter hour as well, if you don’t already. And why wouldn’t you – there are plenty of benefits. Here’s just a few of them.

  1. Lichfield has a strong and vibrant networking community, many of whom already join in with the local Twitter hour #lichfieldlocal, so by taking part you are immediately going to be noticed by a good portion of local businesses.
  2. Twitter is all about socialising and connecting with likeminded people. While you should take time to share your business news and offers, it’s just as important to interact and engage with your fellow tweeters. Simply put, a good Twitter hour gives you the chance to humanise your business.
  3. If you are a small business or sole trader, networking can be a valuable but time-consuming, and therefore costly, part of your week. Twitter hours are not only free, but also take part in the evenings, so there is no impact on your working day.
  4. When you want to make a specific contact there are a number of ways you can go about it. Sure, you can email and hope you don’t end up in the junk folder, or call and speak with the receptionist. The great thing about twitter is that you can research, follow and tweet directly at the person you want to meet. With the right wording, perhaps it’s the start of a valuable new relationship.
  5. A Twitter hour can pass by in a flash. Once you join in, you’ll see that the #lichfieldlocal group are full of chatter – and you’ll want to get involved. Luckily there are plenty of tools out there that help you plan your business tweets in advance. Leave your scheduled updates to get on with the job of promoting your offers, and that gives you plenty of time to reply, re-tweet and generally engage in the conversation.
  6. Like many businesses you probably have a number of products and services you want to share, but in face to face networking you just don’t have time to mention them all. Attach a picture or video to your tweet, and you can share plenty of details in a single glance. Link to your website or a specific page, and you can direct businesses to your events or offers without having to fit every detail into 140 characters.
  7. The hour may be over, but there is no need to rush out the door. Carry on building relationships by responding to the hashtags you missed and thanking everyone who re-tweeted you.
  8. Join in with the #LichfieldLocal Twitter Hour, and your business can be in the spotlight for the week. The free Spotlight feature is open to every business that joins in, helping you to get noticed with focused promotion by the organiser throughout the hour.

#lichfieldlocal runs every Monday from 7-8pm. There’s no sign up fee, no application and no ‘single seat’ policies. Jump right in with your tweet, using the hashtag #lichfieldlocal, and you’ll find a friendly welcome from our regular members. To get you started, follow the @lichfieldlocal Twitter or email Sarah at enquiry@designforaday.co.uk for further information.